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Spring and summer yacht charters in the Bahamas

A dazzling area of strings of sub-tropical islands stretching between the depths of the North Atlantic and the east cost of Florida, the Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands. Many are uninhabited and most are fringed by coral reaching out to deep waters, creating that striking contrast of shades of fabulous blues. A yacht charter in this area could start and end in Nassau which is convenient for flights, but a one-way trip starting in the busy and commercial Nassau would allow you to explore more of the reefs, beaches, dive sites and historic towns of the Exhumas, one of the principal island chains. And an exciting end to your yacht charter could then be the seaplane back to Nassau.

Yacht chartering in the Bahamas is dominated by motor yachts, although there are some excellent, shallow-draft, sailing yachts. For recommendations, please get in touch.