A Yacht of the Month – Classic Schooner EROS

EROS – 103ft (31.4m) vintage schooner – an excellent choice for a classic yacht charter. Step back into history and experience gracious sailing on the vintage classic yacht EROS – acres of sail and miles of lines, teak decks and varnished rails and woodwork. She was built in England in 1939 and has had an adventurous history. This summer her adventures are in New England where she is available for cruising charters and for regattas. Then for the winter she will be back in the Caribbean, based in Antigua and ready for charter. EROS can accommodate up to eight guests in four cabins and has all the modern facilities including air conditioning.  Her Caribbean charter rate is from US$33,500 per week + all expenses.

Here’s what a charter guest earlier this year wrote about their classic yacht charter on EROS in Antigua:

We had the most amazing time and miss our days floating about Antigua so very much!  We had great weather (one dodgy day) found some great restaurants with the help of Wilson!!  Fantastic snorkelling and all in all a wonderful holiday.  Eros was delightful and we felt very honoured to be aboard.  Arriving at Nelsons Dockyard and seeing her there was really special – she is a fantastic boat.  All the crew were excellent –  Wilson and Kelly, Erica, captain Jeremy and chef Adrianne – they all looked after us beautifully. 

For more images and description please visit her web brochure at : EROS

Or call get in touch with me: E-mail

Spring and summer yacht charters in the Bahamas

A dazzling area of strings of sub-tropical islands stretching between the depths of the North Atlantic and the east cost of Florida, the Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands. Many are uninhabited and most are fringed by coral reaching out to deep waters, creating that striking contrast of shades of fabulous blues. A yacht charter in this area could start and end in Nassau which is convenient for flights, but a one-way trip starting in the busy and commercial Nassau would allow you to explore more of the reefs, beaches, dive sites and historic towns of the Exhumas, one of the principal island chains. And an exciting end to your yacht charter could then be the seaplane back to Nassau.

Yacht chartering in the Bahamas is dominated by motor yachts, although there are some excellent, shallow-draft, sailing yachts. For recommendations, please get in touch.

A Yacht of the Month – Thalima

THALIMA – a 33.7m performance cruiser from Southern Wind Shipyards. She’s the first in the new SWS 110 series designed by Nauta for high sailing performance to combine relaxing cruising and exciting sailing.

THALIMA has a modern, spacious and bright interior achieved with a choice of premium materials, colors, shapes, and light source. The décor is simple yet with an elegant contemporary edge and a welcoming atmosphere. Her accommodation, for up to eight guests in total, includes the master cabin, a double and two twin cabins.

Captain Eddy Guzman and his four crew have been gained some outstanding comments. For the summer 2019 they will be based in the West Med. Visit her web brochure

A Yacht of the Month – CUAN LAW a multi-hull for large parties

Cuan Law – 105ft trimaran and dive boat based in the BVIs

This summer we had the great pleasure to organise an important birthday celebration for a party of 20 people. Only Cuan Law could accommodate them and offer scuba diving too. Read what the birthday girl had to say:

“I am not known for brevity, so this will be comprehensive. The short summary is: WOW, loved the Cuan Law and the BVI and you may add every superlative you can think of!

My husband had planned this trip to celebrate my 60th birthday, and invited 18 friends to join us. I was mildly alarmed when I learned of the plan (20 of us, on a boat, for a week??!!) and I must say that every facet of this trip FAR exceeded my expectations.

I am a pretty positive person, but people called me to express their concerns: would they be seasick, they don’t dive, or even generally like being near the water, would there be enough room for everyone, how would the food work with everyone’s different tastes, would there be enough to do, would there be too much sun, etc. etc.

And this is why I wanted to write a review. To reassure anyone considering spending time on the Cuan Law that you are in for a real treat.

The Crew – I know there is some fluidity with the staff (although our outgoing captain had been with the Cuan Law for 15 years, and several other crew members for 2 or more years) so I can’t guarantee who your crew will be. However, what we experienced is likely to reflect the “corporate” culture – which was a group of people who were competent, FUN, helpful, ACCOMMODATING, had great attitudes and were all around quite wonderful. There was a strong camaraderie among the staff and a genuine warmth that was palpable. There is no doubt that they contributed in a huge way to everyone’s excellent adventure.

The Boat – I don’t have much of a frame of reference to compare it to, but the space was extremely well designed and lent itself to a lot of interaction. There were no lack of places to be out of the strong Caribbean sun. The trimaran is a STABLE vessel, and we hugged the coast among the British Virgin Islands. We were not in the open ocean and everyone remarked at how well they slept (with the boat gently rocking in the water.) The boat was ship-shape clean and seemed quite up-to-date.   Cabins were plenty large and beds were comfortable.

The Itinerary – We had a range of interests and water skills and all were happily addressed. The divers dove, those seeking certification were well taught, the snorkelers had plenty to see every day (including the Wreck of The Rhone!), those who wanted beach time had plenty of private, white sand beaches to enjoy and water sports were available too (water skiing, tubing, sailing the Hobie Cat, kayaking, etc.) I think we took advantage of everything that was offered. Most days included a hike and for those of us who went on those, we were richly rewarded with outstanding views. The captain re-arranged our plans (on his own) so that one couple who had to depart early were able to join us at The Baths on Virgin Gorda. SO APPRECIATIVE that he did that. And when our friends learned that they had to be home on Wednesday night, mid-trip, plans were made to get them to Beef Island, to catch a flight to Puerto Rico, then home. It was seamless.

The British Virgin Islands are not overrun with tourists and cruise ships. It is just really chill, gorgeous and in many places, simply magical. Each island, each part of the day, each opportunity and experience was awesome.

Food – Creative, home-made options were presented at every meal and every attempt was made to be sure that everyone had what they needed. Truly impressed with what was prepared each day (3 meals AND hors d’hoeuvres) for a full boat and the crew, in a galley kitchen. And not just thrown together – there was serious presentation involved!   We received a Questionnaire prior to the trip to make sure that our dietary needs were addressed, and that our goals for the trip were met. Check and check.

There are not enough superlatives to describe how happy we ALL were with this unique experience. If you can fill the boat with folks you know (and really like!) all the better. If you are just signing up on your own, I think you will have an excellent time as well.

PS We booked our trip through Liz Marlow, at Antigua Yacht Charters Ltd. We cannot say enough about her responsiveness to our barrage of questions and her competence in facilitating a smooth trip. Phone: +1 268 463 7101      www.antiguayachtcharters.com

Hinda August 2015″

Thank you Hinda, Liz.




Turkey – A Summer Yacht Charter Destination

Turkey has a wealth of history and intrigue and the west coast from Bodrum, Marmaris or Gocek is a perfect summer charter destination. Along this coastline of spectacular pine-clad hillsides, sheltered bays and turquoise water, there are many pretty anchorages, beautiful clear water for swimming and water-sports, fishing villages, ancient ruins and archeological sites including Lycian and Greek cities, sunken Roman harbours and crusader castles to explore.

Turkey is a cruising destination for many super-yachts, but is perhaps more well-known for the traditional wooden gulets. The more recent Turkish boats offer impressive facilities including spacious cabins with high headroom, extensive deck areas and enormously hospitable crew.

If Turkey could be a destination for you this summer with your friends or family, please ask for a list of recommended boats. We can provide information on the the cruising area, charter costs and booking procedures.